Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day has come

I went to office at 9.20am. 20 minutes late. A colleague said to me that Mr.S was looking for me. Mr.S is one of our Sr. Associate and he looks like my Control System professor to some extent. ‘Why should he look for me?’ and I realised it was about project. I went to him and repeated the same information ‘I’m blah blah blah’ like a KG student to school teacher.

‘Go and meet Mrs.A. She is your APM’, said Mr.S.

‘Who? The one who is standing.’

‘Yes’, he replied without seeing.

Mrs.A was in Module-C and Mr.S was in Module-B. Both were separated by glass partition.

I went to her and said ‘I’m Selva. Sr. Associate asked me to meet you.’

‘To meet meeeee!!!’, she said with surprise.


‘I’m Hema’ , she said with hesitation.


‘Oh sorry. Who is Mrs.A?’.

She pointed out her.

I introduced myself to Mrs.A and she said about my project and introduced my team members.

‘I will mail you some documents. You go through it and we will have KT later’.

‘OK Mam.’

After a week finally I’m assigned to a project.


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Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Haha, I'm glad you got some work. That must have been frustrating.