Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best 5 Ads

I was watching TV and the sentence ‘After the break….Stay tuned’ came on the screen. Few years back on seeing these words my hand automatically switched channels to watch some other programs. But now the situation is entirely different and sometimes I even switch channels to watch Ads. Today’s Ad film makers are thinking a lot to make the ad as attractive as possible in a minute or two they have got. So here I’m sharing the Ads which I like a lot.

The first position goes to Vodafone Ads.

The successful ad campaign of Vodafone started a long back when it was Hutch. Yes, the pug and the girl – Happy to Help Ads. Then Zoo-Zoo ads and now the Vodafone delight ads. All the ads are equally interesting and I had never dared to change the channel during these ads.

The second position goes to Tata Docomo

All their ads are creative as well as interesting. ‘When life changes in seconds why should you pay for minutes’ – these funny Ads made me to smile whenever I watch it.

The Third position…….again goes to another Telecommunication ad and this time it is Airtel

When I think of Airtel Ad, suddenly the thing which comes to my mind is the Airtel Theme composed by A.R.Rahman. This was the first Ad music which had such a reach. Their ads always have a sentimental touch with it. Even now the new ad showing a couple who always stay connected in Airtel’s world is really nice to see.

I found it easy to give the first three positions but I had a great difficulty in giving fourth and fifth position.

I give the fourth position to Cadbury Diary Milk ad – Nazhathor kaariyam inithey thodangattum (Let the good deed starts with the sweet).

And finally the fifth position goes to CEAT tyres ad. A husband and a pregnant wife were travelling in a bike. And unexpectedly a high speeding car comes across their path and this is followed by a dead silence. The wife presses her husband’s shoulder with a great relief that they were saved. This ad has a lot of delicate things within it which is inexpressible by words.

Hi friends these are the ads which I like and if you feel that I have missed some of the interesting ads then you please mention it in your comments.

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Aravindan said...

All these ads are made very subtle and with great detail, which is why they stand out from the rest.
A few Bank ad's (Overseas, UTI, etc) are very good too.