Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CB's books are just trashes!!!!!!

I recently joined a Reader’s Forum. I started a discussion ‘What do you think about Chetan Bhagat’s novels?. To my surprise I got 45 to 50 replies within two days and it’s the highest among all discussions. But most of the replies said that his books are utter waste….trashes……only people with cheap taste likes his book and a lot more like this.

Unfortunately I like his books. Am I a person with cheap taste????? Not sure what to tell. I’m not able to figure out what these people are expecting from a novel. CB’s novels are very good page turners. It is entertaining enough to hook the readers with it. I’m sure that a lot of people started to read novels because of him(novels that are better than CB’s novel).

Ok it is a normal to criticize people when they gain popularity. I decided to include CB’s case also under this category.  What do you think?


Prem kumar said...

No one can deny the fact that, Chetan has revolutionized the reading habit of this generation youth. People loved his work because of his simple english. If you are a regular visitor to Crossword and Land mark, you can notice the tremendous increase in the volume of Indian Writers and almost every day a new book is released. I think this has happened after the massive hit of Chetan's series. His success has given the younger generation, the courage to take up writing as a profession. Even IIM guys have started writing their own stories, thinking that will turn out to be an interesting one. And Chetan is the first guy to lead from the front. He is an IIM A passed out and the first part of his 'Two States' revolve around IIM A...

Every good writer plays his part in the literature world in his own way. If he thinks he is responsible for every word written and believes that his word is making an impact in a way or other, then his work will be appreciated by the majority and will remain in the heart of the readers for a long time.. otherwise, it will be like one small stone thrown in the ocean.. Un-noticed and Un-wanted....

சுபத்ரா said...

He doesn't really deserve to be under 'that' category.

Go through this link, when u got free.

Dont miss its comments too.

Selva Kumar R said...

@Subhathra Hi I read that review. After reading the review I'm sure that the reviewer is little upset on CB's comments about
us(Tamilians) and it becomes very clear when she points out that 'our people are better in sarcasm than CB'. This is exactly
why I like this book he is brave enough to write what he feels about us(our cine stars, food, colour etc). At the same time he had equally
criticized Punjabis also. When I read this book I didn't find the chauvinistic nature of son-in-law but only the sarcastic nature
of a writer. I accept that his works are not noble or booker materials but they are not so low as few people judge it. Only
thing I like to say is - If scifi is not my genre then I won't like even if you give Frankenstein or I-Robot to me.