Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fantastic Sporting Week

I planned to post about my favourite Roger Federer’s win against current World No 1 Rafael Nadal. But now, how can I stop with it? How can I do it after Barca’s superb win against Mourinho’s team.

The whole week has been a fantastic one for me (considering sport results). First Indian Cricket team won the ODI against New Zealand despite the absence of its senior players. Then came the most joyful moment for which I have been waiting so long. The legend Roger outplayed Nadal in the Barclay’s World Tour final and clinched the title. I expected this to happen in the US open but unfortunately Roger lost in the SF. This time he played wonderfully to make his lead 3-0 in the indoor stadium. After a long time I was impressed with Federer’s back hand winners. Now Federer is entering the new year with psychological advantage over Nadal and I hope that RF will continue his winning streak.

Even before this happiness fades, El Clasico result came as a big surprise. I know that Barca will win but I didn’t expect it in this fashion. FCB made its revenge for the loss against Inter. None of Barcelona fans would have forgotten how Mourinho ran in Camp Nou after his win against the home team last season. But now they didn’t give him a chance to move from his seat. Real Madrid player’s frustration and aggression could earn only bookings but no goals. With this famous win FCB replaced RM from the top of table.

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