Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny SMS

I was walking very fast to hostel. I had received a sms from my friend ‘sachin-195*’. I wanted our master blaster to cross the 200 barrier. I increased my speed to see atleast last two overs. Then I received a message,‘Sachin first to score double ton in ODI. Be proud to be an Indian’,from my sister. I immediately felt like laughing. Is this a valid reason to feel proud to be an Indian?. But I feel proud as Sachin’s fan.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hostel's bane is about to come

I feel happy and proud to be in my class. When I talk to my school friends, juniors or seniors I proudly tell about the unity of our class. I never forget to mention the fact that in our class we didn’t conduct election for any post. But my pride was checked by a sport event. Yes, it’s nothing but IPL.

In 2008 BCCI announced the inauguration of IPL. The whole country roared with joy and I too was not an exception. I was waiting for IPL to begin and it finally started few days before our fourth semester. I thought that it would be joyful to watch, our stars shining with their bat, along with my friends. But my assumptions were wrong.

It is natural for groups to cheer for different teams. Initially the difference of opinion was insignificant. But when the tournament moved into its top gear, the problems also grew in size. At a point our class broke into two groups, each ready to fight against the other. Only at this point I felt really bad for watching IPL. IPL ended happily for Modi and for players who earned crores but it left shameful and bitter memories in my mind.

This year our fate made us to face the storm again. I don’t know whether Sachin’s team or Dhoni’s team will win, but I don’t want to lose the good memories of my college life because of IPL. So I have decided not to watch IPL. The four years of happiness will become meaningless if we end college life with a fight, that too for worthless IPL. So I pray to God for everything to be well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Choreo night

On seeing the title if you think this post is about Choreo nite, then you are wrong. This is about how I spent my time in hostel while my friends were enjoying the program in OAT.

Lets come straight to the point. Oh sorry, I don't know where to start. I think it is wise to start with this...... I was sleeping in Ayya's room and someone said "Get up Selva let us have our dinner and go to OAT". I hate being disturbed while sleeping but I hate it more to go to mess alone. It is Muthu and he has returned from Pondicherry ( The day before, some of my friends went to Pondy. It had nothing to do with this post) I don't know when and I didn't want to ask him as I'm not interested.

The only event which I enjoy in every Techofes is Choreo nite but this time I said no to my friends. I came to hostel and sat in the TV hall. Some were watching the movie "Janaa". If someone asks me "which is the worst movie you have seen?",I would tell "Janaa" without giving a second thought. I couldn't sit for more than 15 minutes. I got up from my seat and went to Ayya's room. Two of my friends were watching "Matrix". I wonder how they can see the same movie so many times.

I was not sure what to do and so I started to walk to and fro in the corridor. I had the feeling of missing something. I thought I should have gone to OAT and that this is last Techofes and I missed it without any reason. The pictures of my friends coming to me and telling that 'the program was excellent and you missed it' came before me. I don't know how to kill the time and slowly I heard some foot steps. It were my friends and I can see the disappointment in their face. They said the program was a bore and they couldn't watch it. On hearing this I felt a great relief that I have made the correct decision. I think now I should change what I have written in the second line of this post:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


“This is the best movie I have seen in tamil” said one of my friends. Another one said “so far I have seen this movie four times”. After hearing these comments I saw this movie with great expectation. In general I like to watch fantasy movies and to my expectations the first half of the film had the kind of material which I like.

Selva Raghavan gave a twist in second half by saying that Reema , the Police squad head and the minister are Pandyas and they are here to take revenge against Cholas and to take back the idol of their God. The war between Chola and Pandyas was in 13th century. The world have changed a lot in this 800 years but there is a gang which still awaits for a revenge. I don’t know how it is possible. British people treated our ancestors as slaves for 300 years and they took our wealth. But the circumstances have changed and now we don’t have any hatred for them.

Some argues how it is possible for Reema to bring the painting of Tiger on her body. Let us take “All is Fair in Fantasy” and leave such things. But SR brings Indian Government into this issue. Indian Government sends our Army and Air Force to kill thousands of innocent Indian people who didn’t do any harm to our country. India is a country in which we hesitate to give death sentence even to murderers and terrorists but here our Government kills thousands of people without giving a single thought. I don’t know how the minister convinced our Government to do this.

It also had other flaws like Karthi getting some super natural power suddenly , Ravi using a cell phone which has charge for so many days and also the film had many unwa nted scenes. In fantasy you can have your own set of logics but when you bring the real world in your film, you can’t create some new logics and rules to fit your story.

The good thing about this movie is SR have tried something new. Tamil in the second half is nice to hear. I don’t consider this as a best movie. Trying something new doesn’t make the movie as the best. But I would like to appreciate SR for his attempt and I expect a much better film from a director like him.