Thursday, November 25, 2010

My new room

From the previous post you all know that I’m in Coimbatore for a week. Till today 5.47 pm I stayed in our company’s guest house. But at 5.48 pm I left the guest house in an auto to the new place, ‘Sanjay Mansion – For Quality and Comfort’, where I will be staying atleast for the next five to six months.

I came to my mansion at 6.10 pm, paid the advance to the lady who is in charge of the mansion and got my room key and the mansion’s address card. Room no 210. The other side of the address card lists the facilities in the mansion as seven bullet points. Two persons in each room and I’m the first one (210/1) to occupy and only God knows when the second fellow will come (I will write a separate post about him after his arrival).

There is an ultraslim Samsung TV. I switched on the TV and I could see only the black and white pixels. It has a high tech cupboard with safety lock(shown in the picture). Two beds and pillows with yellow coloured covers. Wi-Fi facility, which my laptop couldn’t detect. And finally an attached bathroom.

I kept my baggages in the room and went to buy a torch light. I walked through a small path between bushes to the Saravanapatti road and then from there I walked nearly two kilometres to buy a torch light. While coming back I got lost between the bushes. In that dark I’m not sure where the mansion is. At last with the help of some boys I came to the mansion.

This is all about my new room.

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