Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fantastic Sporting Week

I planned to post about my favourite Roger Federer’s win against current World No 1 Rafael Nadal. But now, how can I stop with it? How can I do it after Barca’s superb win against Mourinho’s team.

The whole week has been a fantastic one for me (considering sport results). First Indian Cricket team won the ODI against New Zealand despite the absence of its senior players. Then came the most joyful moment for which I have been waiting so long. The legend Roger outplayed Nadal in the Barclay’s World Tour final and clinched the title. I expected this to happen in the US open but unfortunately Roger lost in the SF. This time he played wonderfully to make his lead 3-0 in the indoor stadium. After a long time I was impressed with Federer’s back hand winners. Now Federer is entering the new year with psychological advantage over Nadal and I hope that RF will continue his winning streak.

Even before this happiness fades, El Clasico result came as a big surprise. I know that Barca will win but I didn’t expect it in this fashion. FCB made its revenge for the loss against Inter. None of Barcelona fans would have forgotten how Mourinho ran in Camp Nou after his win against the home team last season. But now they didn’t give him a chance to move from his seat. Real Madrid player’s frustration and aggression could earn only bookings but no goals. With this famous win FCB replaced RM from the top of table.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loneliness Kills

Another boring weekend…….a weekend without non-veg……..a weekend without anyone to chat…….a weekend closed inside a room is about to get over. Thank God! It went faster than I expected.

In one of Anton Chekhov short stories two people had a great debate regarding imprisonment. One said that he can stay imprisoned for twenty years. Another said that it is not possible. So they had a bet. If the first fellow stayed inside a guarded room for twenty years then second fellow will give a large amount(I don’t remember how much) to him. The second fellow said to others, ’It is possible to stay in prison when you are forced but the liberty he has to come out at any time will help me to win the bet’.

I’m in a situation like that. It is easy to stay, without talking to anybody, doing our work when people are around. But the real difficulty is when we don’t have anyone to speak. This is why I blog so often recently. When I want to share something I have none other than my laptop. My laptop gives its ear to everything I say. So if you think that I’m blogging some unwanted non sense then please bear with me. I have no other go and it will continue.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day has come

I went to office at 9.20am. 20 minutes late. A colleague said to me that Mr.S was looking for me. Mr.S is one of our Sr. Associate and he looks like my Control System professor to some extent. ‘Why should he look for me?’ and I realised it was about project. I went to him and repeated the same information ‘I’m blah blah blah’ like a KG student to school teacher.

‘Go and meet Mrs.A. She is your APM’, said Mr.S.

‘Who? The one who is standing.’

‘Yes’, he replied without seeing.

Mrs.A was in Module-C and Mr.S was in Module-B. Both were separated by glass partition.

I went to her and said ‘I’m Selva. Sr. Associate asked me to meet you.’

‘To meet meeeee!!!’, she said with surprise.


‘I’m Hema’ , she said with hesitation.


‘Oh sorry. Who is Mrs.A?’.

She pointed out her.

I introduced myself to Mrs.A and she said about my project and introduced my team members.

‘I will mail you some documents. You go through it and we will have KT later’.

‘OK Mam.’

After a week finally I’m assigned to a project.


Friday, November 26, 2010

My New Indi Rank -55

Before two weeks I got this month’s Indian Blogger’s rank. This time my score is 55 out of 100. Another E grade. It is OK to get E grade in Academics but it continues in blogging too….OMG.

But the good thing is, last time my score was even worse 25…lol. So relatively 55 is good. I don’t know how they rank the blog. Can anyone help me to improve my blog score?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My new room

From the previous post you all know that I’m in Coimbatore for a week. Till today 5.47 pm I stayed in our company’s guest house. But at 5.48 pm I left the guest house in an auto to the new place, ‘Sanjay Mansion – For Quality and Comfort’, where I will be staying atleast for the next five to six months.

I came to my mansion at 6.10 pm, paid the advance to the lady who is in charge of the mansion and got my room key and the mansion’s address card. Room no 210. The other side of the address card lists the facilities in the mansion as seven bullet points. Two persons in each room and I’m the first one (210/1) to occupy and only God knows when the second fellow will come (I will write a separate post about him after his arrival).

There is an ultraslim Samsung TV. I switched on the TV and I could see only the black and white pixels. It has a high tech cupboard with safety lock(shown in the picture). Two beds and pillows with yellow coloured covers. Wi-Fi facility, which my laptop couldn’t detect. And finally an attached bathroom.

I kept my baggages in the room and went to buy a torch light. I walked through a small path between bushes to the Saravanapatti road and then from there I walked nearly two kilometres to buy a torch light. While coming back I got lost between the bushes. In that dark I’m not sure where the mansion is. At last with the help of some boys I came to the mansion.

This is all about my new room.

These 7 days

I came to coimbatore last Thursday and a week has been over by now. Last Tuesday I got the mail about my posting in Cbe. I tried to postpone my joining date to Monday by giving all reasonable false excuses. But it is of no use and now I’m writing this post about my week stay in Cbe.

On seeing the urgency of my superior I thought that I will have a hard time here. But I’m loving the work which I do here. I come to office at 9am and browse till 5.45pm. Each and everyday is same as the one before. After a week’s time I’m even bored of browsing.

I’m not a hard working or a work loving person but it is such a pain to sit in a seat simply for a whole week. I expect them to map me to some team atleast tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CB's books are just trashes!!!!!!

I recently joined a Reader’s Forum. I started a discussion ‘What do you think about Chetan Bhagat’s novels?. To my surprise I got 45 to 50 replies within two days and it’s the highest among all discussions. But most of the replies said that his books are utter waste….trashes……only people with cheap taste likes his book and a lot more like this.

Unfortunately I like his books. Am I a person with cheap taste????? Not sure what to tell. I’m not able to figure out what these people are expecting from a novel. CB’s novels are very good page turners. It is entertaining enough to hook the readers with it. I’m sure that a lot of people started to read novels because of him(novels that are better than CB’s novel).

Ok it is a normal to criticize people when they gain popularity. I decided to include CB’s case also under this category.  What do you think?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best 5 Ads

I was watching TV and the sentence ‘After the break….Stay tuned’ came on the screen. Few years back on seeing these words my hand automatically switched channels to watch some other programs. But now the situation is entirely different and sometimes I even switch channels to watch Ads. Today’s Ad film makers are thinking a lot to make the ad as attractive as possible in a minute or two they have got. So here I’m sharing the Ads which I like a lot.

The first position goes to Vodafone Ads.

The successful ad campaign of Vodafone started a long back when it was Hutch. Yes, the pug and the girl – Happy to Help Ads. Then Zoo-Zoo ads and now the Vodafone delight ads. All the ads are equally interesting and I had never dared to change the channel during these ads.

The second position goes to Tata Docomo

All their ads are creative as well as interesting. ‘When life changes in seconds why should you pay for minutes’ – these funny Ads made me to smile whenever I watch it.

The Third position…….again goes to another Telecommunication ad and this time it is Airtel

When I think of Airtel Ad, suddenly the thing which comes to my mind is the Airtel Theme composed by A.R.Rahman. This was the first Ad music which had such a reach. Their ads always have a sentimental touch with it. Even now the new ad showing a couple who always stay connected in Airtel’s world is really nice to see.

I found it easy to give the first three positions but I had a great difficulty in giving fourth and fifth position.

I give the fourth position to Cadbury Diary Milk ad – Nazhathor kaariyam inithey thodangattum (Let the good deed starts with the sweet).

And finally the fifth position goes to CEAT tyres ad. A husband and a pregnant wife were travelling in a bike. And unexpectedly a high speeding car comes across their path and this is followed by a dead silence. The wife presses her husband’s shoulder with a great relief that they were saved. This ad has a lot of delicate things within it which is inexpressible by words.

Hi friends these are the ads which I like and if you feel that I have missed some of the interesting ads then you please mention it in your comments.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wrong Calculation

I got posted in Coimbatore. I decided to take some cost cutting measures and the first among this is to go by Government bus (GB) and not by our company shuttle. Coimbatore is not as big as Chennai so travelling by bus is not a hard task. To implement the plan I was waiting for GB in the stop just opposite to our campus. After ten minutes I was bored and I decided to call some of my friends (thru phone). I made six calls and spoke for nearly 35 minutes. But there was no sign of GB. I went to the nearby shop and had a mini slice with micro sips to kill the waiting time. But again it’s of no use. After wasting an hour in the bus stop I took an auto to my place. My plan was to save 500 bucks a month by going by GB. But I think I will lose 855.5 rupees / month because of my brilliant wrong calculation.
Phone calls = 35 x 0.75
Slice = 9
Auto = 40
For 22 days = 1655.5