Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wrong Calculation

I got posted in Coimbatore. I decided to take some cost cutting measures and the first among this is to go by Government bus (GB) and not by our company shuttle. Coimbatore is not as big as Chennai so travelling by bus is not a hard task. To implement the plan I was waiting for GB in the stop just opposite to our campus. After ten minutes I was bored and I decided to call some of my friends (thru phone). I made six calls and spoke for nearly 35 minutes. But there was no sign of GB. I went to the nearby shop and had a mini slice with micro sips to kill the waiting time. But again it’s of no use. After wasting an hour in the bus stop I took an auto to my place. My plan was to save 500 bucks a month by going by GB. But I think I will lose 855.5 rupees / month because of my brilliant wrong calculation.
Phone calls = 35 x 0.75
Slice = 9
Auto = 40
For 22 days = 1655.5

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