Thursday, November 25, 2010

These 7 days

I came to coimbatore last Thursday and a week has been over by now. Last Tuesday I got the mail about my posting in Cbe. I tried to postpone my joining date to Monday by giving all reasonable false excuses. But it is of no use and now I’m writing this post about my week stay in Cbe.

On seeing the urgency of my superior I thought that I will have a hard time here. But I’m loving the work which I do here. I come to office at 9am and browse till 5.45pm. Each and everyday is same as the one before. After a week’s time I’m even bored of browsing.

I’m not a hard working or a work loving person but it is such a pain to sit in a seat simply for a whole week. I expect them to map me to some team atleast tomorrow.

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