Monday, December 14, 2009

Assassination of Truth

I rarely watch news channels. Accidentally one of my friends kept a news channel before two days. I saw the news about Vikram Buddhi, a graduate from IIT. News reader said that in his case justice was denied. Immediately I was filled with anger and started to curse all the Americans in my mind. Suddenly many questions came to my mind…. Is this the first arrest for threatening the US president?...... Did they arrest him because he was a foreigner?...... If an American does the same, what punishment will he get?..... Why didn't Indian government go for the rescue?...... Then I started to search the answers for these questions in net(thanks to wifi in hostel).

Arresting a person for threatening US president had occurred so many times in US. To my knowledge some people were arrested for threatening former US president Clinton, even recently they detained a man on august 12 for holding a sign that said “DEATH TO OBAMA”. On may 1994 Secret Service arrested Ron Barbour on charges of threatening Bill Clinton. Two 13 years old girls were arrested for sending e-mails to Bill Clinton. A 14 year old Irving was arrested for telling to his friends that he wants to shoot Bush. Charles Madrid was arrested for expressing his wish to kill George Bush. Daniel James Murray was arrested for threatening President Barrack Obama. “They have arrested these peoples on same charge, then why is our media creating such a hype for Buddi’s arrest?” if this is the question in your mind , then you read this fully.

In the above cases, Ivring was released after an enquiry. Two girls were arrested only after two warnings. Secret service said that they were arrested for the words they used. Ron Barbour was jailed for 5 years for this case. Charge against him is little severe, he SS said that he was planning to assassin Clinton. Charles Madrid and DJ Murray too said that they want to kill their President to police officers (Sorry I can’t find what happened to them).

After knowing the imprisonment Ron Barbour, you would appreciate US because Vikram Buddhi was given a term of less than five years. But note that the people who sent their threat directly to President were only arrested. I will shows some facts which shows that SS didn’t take action on many people who showed their angers through sign boards, T-shirts and even in a public speech.

Betty Williams(Nobel Peace Prize Winner) said these words in a meeting in Australia,
I would love to kill GeorgeBush”. But SS didn’t take any action against her.

Even now T-shirts are available in US with the words “We don’t need to impeach Bush. We need to execute him”. SS didn’t investigate the designer of this T-Shirt.
Here are some of the pictures which contain threats to Bush. SS didn’t take any action against the people who helds it.

OK we have seen enough about the people who expressed their wish to kill US President. Now let us focus on Vikram’s case. The charge against him is that he is a threat to US president, US first lady, US Vice President and the list goes on. He is a threat because he posted comments to kill them in a Yahoo Page. If posting his comment in web page is a crime, then I think Betty Williams had done a more severe mistake. How does the Secret Service view people who hold sign boards and wear T-shirts like “KILL BUSH”. Severe action should be taken against these people because there is video proof against these people. But there is no evidence to prove that Vickram had posted these comments. The charges against him are all baseless.

There are so many unresolved questions in his investigations. Why did they cleared the charges against him first? Why did they arrested him after some months? Why Vikram’s father is not allowed to see his trial? Why are they forcing Vickram’s father to leave US? Only God and the US officials know the answer for these questions.

My view is not that Vickram should not be punished because Betty and others are free. Justice is common for all, anyone who does wrong deed should be punished. If he had really posted those comments about president and US women, then I tell that he is being punished for his crime till now. There is no need to send him to prison for another five years.

My last anger is on Indian Government, which hasn’t rendered it’s support to Vickram to get justice. After all these thoughts I said to myself that “No one who holds the boards or T-shirts or comments in net will kill US President. It is the US Government which has killed the TRUTH”.

NOTE: I have highlighted the sentences like “DEATH TO OBAMA” & “KILL BUSH” in the above passage just to mention that they were told by protestors. I don’t want anyone to die. So don’t take any actions against me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Grave of the fireflies

Yesterday I watched a Japanese animation movie “Grave of the Fireflies”. This is about Seita and his younger sister Setsuko, orphaned by World War II. This film begins by showing a boy in torn dress. He dies after uttering the last word ‘Setsuko’. A janitor takes a candy tin from Seita and throws it away. It has some ashes and bones. From this comes the spirit of Setsuko and fireflies. The spirit of Seita narrates this story.
Seita and Setsuko’s mother dies due to firebombing during World War II. Their dad is serving in navy. This makes them to stay in their aunt’s house. Their aunt gets some of their mom’s things to sell them for rice. But the boy hides a candy tin for her sister. This aunt is also not an exception. She ill treats and forces them to leave the house.
Rest of the film shows the struggles of these orphaned children. I shed some tears on watching this movie. This shows that the tragedy doesn’t end when the bombing stops. I have seen some war movies but this one made me to realize 'how dangerous war is!!!'. I highly recommend you to watch this movie.
Movie : Grave of the fireflies
Music : Michio Mamiya
Direction : Isao TakaHata
Producer : Toru Hara
Novel by : Akiyuki Nosaka
Duration : 90 minutes