Sunday, April 25, 2010

What will they speak?

I went to canteen at 10 AM. I saw one of my friends sitting with a girl in the last table and busily talking. I said “hi” to him, had breakfast and returned to my hostel. Again I came to canteen for my lunch at 2PM and saw my friend and his partner outside the canteen. I wondered even though there is nothing to wonder. This is a common thing our campus.

“What will they speak for so long?”…. will they clear each others academic doubts… no it’s not possible because both are from different department. What make them to sit and speak continuously for hours?. Will they discuss about application of computer in electrical field?…. I don’t think this is possible because my friend knows nothing more than the spelling of electrical.

I think they must speak about some movie. But the full length of the movie itself will be only two and a half hours. As they are in final semester they must be speaking about their project?. Oh no no no…most of the students don’t know what to speak about their project for five minutes in their review.

Will they speak about Indian politics and economy? Even our country’s economic geek Manmohan Singh cannot speak 3 to 4 hours daily about this topic(my assumption).

Lot of ideas kept coming in my mind but I cannot find a satisfactory answer. So I wrote this post with the hope of getting an answer to my question. The people who know about this can help me.

IPL – Indian Pre-planned League???

Underdog Indian team wins the first world cup after beating its rival Pakistan in the finals. This made the whole country to turn towards young Indian team. This made the crazy cricket fans to become crazier. All the fans are now caught in the victorious hands of young Indian team.
BCCI cannot find a better time than this to invest in a new league – ‘Indian Premier League’ and to bring damage to its rival ICL. BCCI formed a committee and appointed Lalit Modi as its Commissioner. IPL in many ways resembled EPL - Huge money, separate team anthem, willingness of other foreign players to play in it and so on. At the same time it is not on par with EPL because IPL is only a baby.
Ever since its inception IPL was a great success. Modi popularity too increased with IPL. But now IPL and Modi are in their life’s worst part. Modi, who is often surrounded by press people is now surrounded by people from IT department. Then the Cochin franchise problem started, resignation of Tharur and the list goes on. Above all these problems the news “IPL is fixed” came as a bolt out of blue. Now the fans are more interested to know about IPL’s result than MI – CSK result. Let us wait for some days with the hope to get the good result.