Monday, December 20, 2010

India will be back with a bang

India started its final frontier with an innings defeat. Some stupid Indian medias started to question about our team’s ability once again. Our media’s reaction is not an unexpected one and I will be surprised only if they speak some good stuffs about us.

 SA skipper and even Paul Harris mock India by giving comments like ‘We expected a better fight from India’. Don’t worry guys the second test will not be the same. At the same time don’t forget that this is not completely your victory but the toss and more importantly the weather played the major roles.

SA would have suffered the same loss if they had played in India. And then I didn’t understand why the media never criticizes Australia or SA or NZ if they laid bouncy fast tracks but they strongly criticize the sub continent teams if they prepare a spinning track by calling it as a negative tactics.

I still believe in our players’ ability whether it is a fast, spinning or seaming track. I’m sure that our players will win the next match in Durban. I just want to tell one thing to SA ‘Hey SA please come out of your ecstasy.You are still No 2 and try to compete with with us.’

Monday, December 6, 2010

To Kill A Mocking Bird - An Exaggeration

I decided to write this post before four months. But I dropped the idea because my post will contradict with nearly 70 percent of the people who reads this. At the same time I cannot sugarcoat . If I do so it is an injustice done to my Blog Title. Just today, ‘This is your blog. You can write whatever you think’, the thought clicked in my mind. This thought finally made me to post this.

This book celebrated its 50th anniversary recently. It is a Pulitzer Prize winner. British Librarians ranked this book ahead of the Bible as one “every adult should read this before they die”. Almost all the bloggers had given very good rating for this book.

Everyone praised this book. This made me to read this book. But after reading, the praise for this book seems to be an exaggeration. Everyone had overrated this book. Harper Lee wrote this book 50 years ago. It is not possible for me to know the influence this book made in those years. This book might have been the first of its type to deal with American racism. This book have lots and lots of moral values. So its moral content might had earned a very good review for this book. But the story was not presented in an interesting way.

The real success of a writer lies in his/her ability to eliminate the events. Yes, when we decide to write about something, the first confusion we will have is what are all the events we should include. Lee had included all the events happened in her life. Some of them are not necessary for this theme. She had failed in this area. ‘The God of small things’ is also a book with this theme and Arundathi Roy had proved her skill in crafting that novel.

Most of the people rate the books by its moral values and not by how it is said. I accept this as a good book but not a great book

Thursday, December 2, 2010

She, I and Rain

My friend and I came out of the office at 5.50pm. It was raining. I gave my rain coat to him and decided to leave the office in shuttle. I borrowed his umbrella. Our shuttle reached another campus.

I got down from the shuttle and started to walk. I watched another associate. She is speaking to a security with our company’s umbrella in her hand. I could figure out what she is speaking. We can carry our umbrella only till the parking. Probably she is arguing about carrying it to gate. Finally she failed in her effort and gave the umbrella to the security.

She came running to the platform. With her right hand she took the shawl and covered her head. She had a novel in her left hand, close to her body to prevent it from getting wet.

 She came to me and said, ‘If you don’t mind..’

‘Yes, you can come’, I said, even before she complete her sentence.

She thanked me and came under my umbrella. I smiled at her and she smiled back. It is just a smile for formality. The novel which she had with her is ‘Nights in Rodanthe’. She must be an ELT like me or else how could she be free to read novel during office hours.

This is completely new to me. Walking with a pretty girl, that too a stranger, under an umbrella, close to each other. I walked much slower than usual. I wanted to make it a long journey. But how long can I take to cover this 50 metres distance? We came out of the campus. 

‘Will you be crossing the road? I just want to take a call taxi’, she said.

‘Yes, I will’.

We crossed the road.

‘Thank you so much’, she thanked me.

‘Its OK’, I replied and started to walk in the opposite direction.

Moral: Naan romba nallavan.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why only old should always be gold?

We are in 21st century. The world has changed a lot in these years and we are so generous and open-minded to accept all changes. Initially people communicated with others through letters but when telephone was invented, everybody started to use it. People switched from Altavista to Google, from Orkut to Facebook and from conventional computer to laptop. People welcomed all the changes with great enthusiasm. But there is a thing which didn’t change in these years. Its nothing but our mindset.

Sachin is a great player. But even after watching his game they still tell he is nowhere near Don Bradman. Kamal Hasan is a good actor. But everyone consider Sivaji as the best actor. Shreya Ghoshal’s voice is mesmerizing but still everyone gives Asha Bhonsle a little higher position.

Even if Sachin scored another 30000 runs, he will still be given the second position. It is good to respect the seniors. But please give the youngsters, the credits, which they deserve. I accept that old is gold. But if you say that old alone is gold then it is unacceptable.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fantastic Sporting Week

I planned to post about my favourite Roger Federer’s win against current World No 1 Rafael Nadal. But now, how can I stop with it? How can I do it after Barca’s superb win against Mourinho’s team.

The whole week has been a fantastic one for me (considering sport results). First Indian Cricket team won the ODI against New Zealand despite the absence of its senior players. Then came the most joyful moment for which I have been waiting so long. The legend Roger outplayed Nadal in the Barclay’s World Tour final and clinched the title. I expected this to happen in the US open but unfortunately Roger lost in the SF. This time he played wonderfully to make his lead 3-0 in the indoor stadium. After a long time I was impressed with Federer’s back hand winners. Now Federer is entering the new year with psychological advantage over Nadal and I hope that RF will continue his winning streak.

Even before this happiness fades, El Clasico result came as a big surprise. I know that Barca will win but I didn’t expect it in this fashion. FCB made its revenge for the loss against Inter. None of Barcelona fans would have forgotten how Mourinho ran in Camp Nou after his win against the home team last season. But now they didn’t give him a chance to move from his seat. Real Madrid player’s frustration and aggression could earn only bookings but no goals. With this famous win FCB replaced RM from the top of table.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loneliness Kills

Another boring weekend…….a weekend without non-veg……..a weekend without anyone to chat…….a weekend closed inside a room is about to get over. Thank God! It went faster than I expected.

In one of Anton Chekhov short stories two people had a great debate regarding imprisonment. One said that he can stay imprisoned for twenty years. Another said that it is not possible. So they had a bet. If the first fellow stayed inside a guarded room for twenty years then second fellow will give a large amount(I don’t remember how much) to him. The second fellow said to others, ’It is possible to stay in prison when you are forced but the liberty he has to come out at any time will help me to win the bet’.

I’m in a situation like that. It is easy to stay, without talking to anybody, doing our work when people are around. But the real difficulty is when we don’t have anyone to speak. This is why I blog so often recently. When I want to share something I have none other than my laptop. My laptop gives its ear to everything I say. So if you think that I’m blogging some unwanted non sense then please bear with me. I have no other go and it will continue.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day has come

I went to office at 9.20am. 20 minutes late. A colleague said to me that Mr.S was looking for me. Mr.S is one of our Sr. Associate and he looks like my Control System professor to some extent. ‘Why should he look for me?’ and I realised it was about project. I went to him and repeated the same information ‘I’m blah blah blah’ like a KG student to school teacher.

‘Go and meet Mrs.A. She is your APM’, said Mr.S.

‘Who? The one who is standing.’

‘Yes’, he replied without seeing.

Mrs.A was in Module-C and Mr.S was in Module-B. Both were separated by glass partition.

I went to her and said ‘I’m Selva. Sr. Associate asked me to meet you.’

‘To meet meeeee!!!’, she said with surprise.


‘I’m Hema’ , she said with hesitation.


‘Oh sorry. Who is Mrs.A?’.

She pointed out her.

I introduced myself to Mrs.A and she said about my project and introduced my team members.

‘I will mail you some documents. You go through it and we will have KT later’.

‘OK Mam.’

After a week finally I’m assigned to a project.


Friday, November 26, 2010

My New Indi Rank -55

Before two weeks I got this month’s Indian Blogger’s rank. This time my score is 55 out of 100. Another E grade. It is OK to get E grade in Academics but it continues in blogging too….OMG.

But the good thing is, last time my score was even worse 25…lol. So relatively 55 is good. I don’t know how they rank the blog. Can anyone help me to improve my blog score?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My new room

From the previous post you all know that I’m in Coimbatore for a week. Till today 5.47 pm I stayed in our company’s guest house. But at 5.48 pm I left the guest house in an auto to the new place, ‘Sanjay Mansion – For Quality and Comfort’, where I will be staying atleast for the next five to six months.

I came to my mansion at 6.10 pm, paid the advance to the lady who is in charge of the mansion and got my room key and the mansion’s address card. Room no 210. The other side of the address card lists the facilities in the mansion as seven bullet points. Two persons in each room and I’m the first one (210/1) to occupy and only God knows when the second fellow will come (I will write a separate post about him after his arrival).

There is an ultraslim Samsung TV. I switched on the TV and I could see only the black and white pixels. It has a high tech cupboard with safety lock(shown in the picture). Two beds and pillows with yellow coloured covers. Wi-Fi facility, which my laptop couldn’t detect. And finally an attached bathroom.

I kept my baggages in the room and went to buy a torch light. I walked through a small path between bushes to the Saravanapatti road and then from there I walked nearly two kilometres to buy a torch light. While coming back I got lost between the bushes. In that dark I’m not sure where the mansion is. At last with the help of some boys I came to the mansion.

This is all about my new room.

These 7 days

I came to coimbatore last Thursday and a week has been over by now. Last Tuesday I got the mail about my posting in Cbe. I tried to postpone my joining date to Monday by giving all reasonable false excuses. But it is of no use and now I’m writing this post about my week stay in Cbe.

On seeing the urgency of my superior I thought that I will have a hard time here. But I’m loving the work which I do here. I come to office at 9am and browse till 5.45pm. Each and everyday is same as the one before. After a week’s time I’m even bored of browsing.

I’m not a hard working or a work loving person but it is such a pain to sit in a seat simply for a whole week. I expect them to map me to some team atleast tomorrow.