Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loneliness Kills

Another boring weekend…….a weekend without non-veg……..a weekend without anyone to chat…….a weekend closed inside a room is about to get over. Thank God! It went faster than I expected.

In one of Anton Chekhov short stories two people had a great debate regarding imprisonment. One said that he can stay imprisoned for twenty years. Another said that it is not possible. So they had a bet. If the first fellow stayed inside a guarded room for twenty years then second fellow will give a large amount(I don’t remember how much) to him. The second fellow said to others, ’It is possible to stay in prison when you are forced but the liberty he has to come out at any time will help me to win the bet’.

I’m in a situation like that. It is easy to stay, without talking to anybody, doing our work when people are around. But the real difficulty is when we don’t have anyone to speak. This is why I blog so often recently. When I want to share something I have none other than my laptop. My laptop gives its ear to everything I say. So if you think that I’m blogging some unwanted non sense then please bear with me. I have no other go and it will continue.

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