Saturday, May 29, 2010

Message in a bottle

I recently read Nicholas Sparks’s ‘Message in a bottle’. In this novel, the columnist Theresa Osborn finds a bottle in a beach. The bottle has a letter written by Garrett to Catherine. On reading the letter, tears rolls down from her eyes. She wants to find the man who is in love with his wife, who was taken away from him.

With the help of Deanna, Theresa finds Garrett. Theresa and Garrett are falling in love. But is it possible for Garrett to get over Catherine completely? Can they get into a long term relationship? How will Garrett react if he knows that Theresa came in search of him only after finding his letters to Catherine?

The novel starts well. Bottle in beach with letter, then a letter from her reader and again a letter from a local magazine all written by Garrett. These things not only increases Theresa’s curiosity but also our curiosity to know about Garrett. The initial meetings of Garrett and Theresa is interesting to read. But once they have fallen in love, everything changes.

After falling in love she visits Garrett or he visits Theresa and they do the same thing. The only difference which Spark shows is the place. The novel sags a little in these chapters. Garrett who is in deep love with Catherine falls for Theresa on seeing her. I think, Theresa being the heroine of the novel is the only reason for this.

Eventhough the life of Garrett and Catherine comes scarcely in the novel they are interesting. Every character in the novel wets their eyes on reading Garrett’s letter but I feel nothing like that. At the same time Garrett’s last letter made me feel sad. On the whole this is an average novel.

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