Monday, May 24, 2010

Murder Justified?

“It is a common experience that when the younger sister commits something unusual and in this case it was an inter-caste, intercommunity marriage out of [a] secret love affair, then in society it is the elder brother who justifiably or otherwise is held responsible for not stopping such [an] affair.

If he became the victim of his wrong but genuine caste considerations, it would not justify the death sentence... The vicious grip of the caste, community, religion, though totally unjustified, is a stark reality.”

On reading this if you think that these are the words of some jobless persons who strongly support racism, then you are wrong. This is a Supreme Court judgement in a honour killing case. Is this correct?. If so then why is government encouraging inter caste marriage?. Is Supreme Court justifying Honour killing?. I cannot find any difference between planned murder and honour killing.

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