Saturday, May 15, 2010

MISSION - L (Part one)

Project carries 6 of the 17 credits in our final semester. But hardly a few in our class had an idea about it. Unfortunately my project mates and I were not in that group. All the student friendly staffs in our department had been chosen as guide by others. We had only two options – Prof.K and Prof.L.
K and L are the two staffs whom I hate the most in my department. After some discussions we came to a conclusion that Prof.K is better than Prof.L and we approached her. We had a doubt whether she will give her consent to guide us. After our meeting with her our doubt became a truth. Now we have no other go.
Next fine morning.... sorry not a fine morning.....because we prepared ourselves to meet Prof.L. I was praying that she shouldn’t accept to guide us so that we can tell it as a reason to some other student friendly staffs. We came near her room,
We : Excuse me maam
She simply nodded her head. We entered the room and Karthikeyan gave a brief explanation her our wish to do project under her guidance.
Prof.L : You have come after 15 days. How can I be your guide?
On hearing this I felt a lot relieved inside but I made a face as if I’m worrying for not getting a guide for my future award winning project.
Karthikeyan gave some explanations. I was 100 percent sure that she won’t accept. Suddenly she said,
“OK I’ll be your guide. Fuel cell emulator is your project.....”
Immediately I went motionless.
‘ .... I want you to be in the lab in all your free hours’
Even in our first meeting she took all our free hours and along with it all my happiness were drained. We agreed to this pact (unwillingly) and came out of her room. My mind which usually thinks about numerous things at a moment , now had nothing else to think other than this project. Now the project is no more a project to me, it seems like a mission – ‘MISSION L’.


SwagSpeak said...

you got the best guide one could hope for!! save the scoldings!!

Prem kumar said...

Agreed Selva! Me too on the same boat but a different rower, Prof K...