Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anything for you, ma’am

Tejas, an IITian falls in love with Shreya. Shreya is in Chennai, 2000 Km away from Tejas.The novel tells how Tejas goes all the way to see his lady love and what are all the hindrances he faces.

Raheja had given an excellent flow to the novel.I liked it a lot since it is a feel good story. The tag line “an IITian’s love story” made me to think that this is about the love between two in IIT. So I thought that this story will revolve around IIT campus and will be a pastiche of Five point someone. But it barely tells about Tejas campus life and more about his journey to Chennai.

The book is non linear narrative type. The story begins with Tejas rushing to book tickets from Delhi to Pune and then from Pune to Chennai with false identity. Then the author goes back to the past to explain the reason for going to Chennai, then comes to the present to show the problems he encounters and then to past to show how they fall in love and then to present. The book is rich with humour content, especially the first meeting between Shreya and Tejas made me to roll down and laugh. Tejas gets so many problems but he is lucky enough to get someone like America return cousin, Shreya’s friend’s friend, Dad’s friend and the list goes on, to slove the problem.

Eventhough the chapter about DISCO committee takes us back to Chetan Bhagat’s work, the good thing is that he didn’t take it to next chapter. Some may think that the novel is too cinematic but to me there is nothing wrong if the novel is cinematic. So I highly recommend this novel to all fun loving people.

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