Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Trouble with Magic

First Line : I don't know what it was that made me abandon my usual path to work on that particular October Tuesday.
The trouble with magic by Madelyn Alt is a mystery novel. In this story Maggie joins an an antique shop which is owned by Felicity Dow, a witch. Isabella was murdered on Maggie’s first day of work. Stony Hill cops considered felicity as the main suspect. But Maggie’s instinct convinces her that Felicity could not be the murderer. Is Maggie’s instinct right?

The title “The trouble with Magic” made me to read this novel. I expected a fantasy treat but I was greatly disappointed. In the whole book they didn’t use any supernatural powers for their rescue. Felicity was hooked in a murder case at the beginning of the novel but nearly half the book is over before Maggie begin the investigation. Madelyn tells a lot about magic and super natural powers in the first half when it had nothing to do in the second half.

The good thing about Madelyn is the way she tells the story eventhough there is nothing to tell. Her description is interesting. I don’t know to which genre this novel belongs. I saw this novel under fantasy list in a blog but it has no fantasy stuff. According to me this is a crime novel by an amateur crime writer.

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