Friday, May 7, 2010


“Vijay is stepping into the shoes of Aamir Khan in tamil version of 3 idiots”. On hearing this fans of Vijay are on cloud nine because finally their star is going to give them a change, not in his character but by remaking a hindi movie instead of telugu. But it is not possible to remake the movie as such. Some changes should be made here and there to suit Vijay’s style.


Madhavan gets a phone call. He jumps from the bus and starts to run. His memory rewinds to the first day of college……


Vijay enters into college’s hostel. His blood starts to boil on seeing the uncivilized behaviour of seniors – ragging. Senior tries to rag our Hero by asking him to remove the scarfs which he tied in his forehead, thigh, right hand, left hand and neck. Vijay holds his fist and gives a punch to the senior. Senior falls on the floor unconsciously. All the seniors are coming to attack Vijay but all in vain. There comes the intro song telling about the bravery of Vijay.


Hero sees heroin with a guy(boy friend) in a shopping mall. Slowly the screen fades and in the flashback Vijay saves a college girl from this guy( He too belongs to the same college) as usual with some heroic stunts. Flashback over. Vijay unveils the mask of heroin’s boy friend to her and saves her life. Heroin falls in love with our hero and a duet song in Havana.


Bad guy is a politician’s son. He uses all his influence to bring problems to Vijay. Amidst of all these problems Vijay comes first in his class for seven semesters.

……Madhavan enters into the hospital and cries on watching Vijay. Vijay is on bed with his right hand severely fractured. Exam on next day!!!!

Invigilator comes into the exam hall. Villain is glad for finally defeating the Hero. Clock shows 9.25 and the Hero comes into the exam hall in slow motion, not style but due to pain in his hand. Everyone in the exam hall expects the Hero to fight with the villain with his one hand and win. Here comes the twist of the year – our Hero can write with left hand too. Vijay becomes an IIT graduate.

P.S.How is the movie? You can’t expect a better movie with Vijay in it. So I specially request Kollywood producers not to remake 3 idiots with Ilaya thalapathi as Hero and make themselves idiots.

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Anonymous said...

ROFL machi. You and sudharsan would make an awesome pair of scriptwriters...Gonna miss the power system classes sitting alongside you people :) :)