Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thiruvanmiyur to Sembakkam

From Thiruvanmiyur bus stand I took T51 bus to go to my sister’s home. Most of the seats were empty. I sat in the seat just opposite to the back door. I prefer this seat because it will be easy to get down from the bus. A middle aged man sat near me. He wore an ash colour pant and a full sleeve white shirt. The full sleeve was folded to half. I wonder why some people buy a full sleeve and fold it to half.
The bus started.
‘It’s very hot. huh’, the one near said to me.
‘Yes’, I replied.
Generally I love to travel in silence, so I tried to cut down the conversation by giving the shortest possible reply.
‘What do you do?’
‘Which college?’
’Anna university’
‘Now a days the quality of engg is degrading. Everyone is joining engg without knowing anything about it’
Is he saying that I’m not a quality engg or asking me whether I know any thing about engg. I got angry. I wanted to ask him what he knows about engineering but I simply smiled.
‘Which major?’, he asked.
‘Why didn’t you take ECE? It has wide scope. Didn’t you score enough to get it?’
‘I like EEE’, I lied. Actually I didn’t get it but why should I tell the truth to him.
The bus crossed the IT park. I looked the place where I’m going to work.
‘All are speaking about IT boom. We can see these people in early mornings. They’ll wear a neat formal, get into the company bus and work like slaves hours together sitting before computer. Nothing can be on par with government job’
Another attack on me. But this time without knowing that I’m placed in a software company. I wanted to fight with him now. These government employees, they won’t do their work properly, but he is talking inferior about us. These elders they simply find fault with others.
Within next 10 minutes he shot nearly 20 questions like ‘your percentage?’,’your native?’, ‘future plan?’ and a lot more.
Again he started to talk something. I decided to get rid of him so I simply said, ‘Sorry I feel sleepy, don’t disturb me’.
I slept. After some time……
He patted on my shoulder ‘Which is your stop?’
Now he has crossed his limits. I hate being disturbed while sleeping. Can’t he keep his mouth shut for atleast 30 minutes. ‘Why are you always disturbing me? Please leave me to sleep’.
Again after five minutes "’Sorry, Is Sembakkam your stop?’
‘Yes’, I groaned at him.
‘Our bus crossed the stop when I called you before’

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