Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waiting For You

Waiting For YouFirst Line : The best thing about summer camp is the last day
After reading this book of Susane Colasanti, I had the gratification of reading a splendid Romance novel. Yes, I liked this one a lot. I had read few romance novels which I felt like ‘something is missing’ after finishing but not this one.

After the summer vacation, Marisa is waiting for a fresh start with new plans. The main objective of her plan is to get a boy friend. In real life hardly anything goes according to the plan. Her life becomes more and more screwed. Everything is against her and is forcing her into darkness. But the anonymous Dirk in the program ‘All Talk, No Action’ is the only one who understands the problem of Marisa. But she don’t know who he is?

‘Waiting for You’ depicts the life of a teen girl who is trying to overcome her depression. Heyyyyy…. stop… don’t think this is a sad story of some loser. Susane has presented this story in an interesting and hilarious manner. The feelings, dreams and expectations of the teens are portrayed as such. This novel is interesting because it shows the things which happens in our daily life and at times I felt that I had faced this situation in my life. Susane even made me feel that Marisa and XXXX(don’t like to reveal the name to you) are made for each other.

On the whole this is a wonderful novel and I’m sure that this may take some of you back to your high school days. I give four stars for this novel.

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