Friday, July 23, 2010

After Dark

First Line : Eyes mark the shape of the city
The idea of reading Murakami’s book came out in my mind after reading some reviews of his work in Zee’s Wordly Obsessions. ‘After Dark’ by Haruki Murakami depicts the events taking place in the course of night in a city.

After Dark just connects both the dream and real world. Mari, a nineteen years old girl, is sitting in a restaurant and reading a book. She is awake even at this wee hour but her sister Eri is asleep most of the times in her room. Murakami tells us how the life of Mari, her acquaintances, Eri and the software guy are interlaced.

The story is narrated by a third person, most likely an entity. The entity is something like a camera which can show the events taking place there but it has no power to intervene the events. Yes, a camera with some emotions. This gave me the feeling of watching a movie.

The narration switches between Eri, Mari and the software guy. Murakami ends a chapter with suspense and then he switches the narration to some other place. Thus my curiosity to break the suspense made me to read the next chapter with great speed and interest. Murakami also had given the choice to the readers to speculate the reason for Eri’s sleep.

This thin book just sucked me into the story by its suspense and excellent narration. Murakami had done a great work and surely I will look out for his books. I give four and a half stars to this book.


Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the Murakami! 'After Dark' is a special book.

Oh, and Selva I've chosen your blog for a blog award. Congrats! To pick it up, come over to my blog. Have a great time with the blogger hop!

Violet said...

Sounds like a glowing review! I will have to keep an eye out for After Dark.