Friday, July 9, 2010

In the Beginning

First Line : "Don't do it hard, you'll break my arm Walren" Yed cried out.
‘In the Beginning’ is the first book of ‘The Great Destruction Series’. This book mainly revolves around Yeducavich and the Warnos(his race).

Yeducavich, a women protector, is tricked by his King for a night stand with Ezra for the sake of his race (King claims so). Then Yed finds out that Ezra is none other than his childhood friend. He gets the permission from the King to be her protector under one condition - ‘At no cost the involvement of the Kingdom should be revealed’.

Protector Yed goes to Ezra’s home and the romantic feeling starts to bloom between the two which is illegal for someone in this profession. Moreover they were in fear of war and the extinction of their race.

How will Ezra react to the truth? Can Yed come out of this predicament? Can Warnos withstand the war?

I was thrilled when I came to know that this novel belonged to the genres -‘Romance and Fantasy’ as both are my favorite . So I had a great expectation for this novel. When I started the novel, this was the first question that raised in my mind - ‘How can I enjoy the romance between some creatures with tail?’. But to my astonishment the romance between Ezra and Yed was exquisite. With time I was sucked in the story and it made me to turn the pages with thrill. And towards the end it had a sentimental touch which made me sad.

The plus about this novel is the very good story, interesting romance, thrill and a very strong ending. Also Melanie Ray made me to care for her characters and this is a good thing for the novel.

But I also admit that all my expectations were not gratified by this novel. Melanie failed to add the contents to make it a good fantasy (just the tail and the pheromones are not enough). The Warnos were using more mundane things like laptops, mobile phones and cars. When I read fantasies, I look for new experiences in everything I come across but I found it missing. And finally its cover, they could have designed it a little more attractive.

On the whole I enjoyed the novel. I will surely read it more than once. The ending is a brilliant cliffhanger and is making me curious to know what will happen next. I give four stars for this novel.

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Melanie said...

Thank you for your honest review. 4 out of 5 stars is amazing to me and I am glad you appreciate the book.