Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia (In the Garden, Book 1)First Line : Birthing a bastard wasn't in the plans.
‘Blue Dahlia’ by Nora Roberts is the first book of ‘In the Garden Trilogy’. This shows the love and power of a mother.

Recently widowed Stella moves to Memphis with her two children and a dog. She gets the job in the Harper Nursery. It is the Harper house where the three women Roz, Stella and Hayley, who are sailing on the same boat meets. Then Stella meets Logan, a landscaper. Initially they both hate each other but with time the hatred slowly turns into love. Stella feels hesitant to enter into a long term relationship with Logan fearing what will happen to her two sons. She is also consistently disturbed by a dream featuring Blue Dahlia. More than this, she is unaware of the huge problem the future has kept in store for her to deal.

Nora Roberts portrayed all the three female lead characters as mentally strong women. Stella is a well organized women, she perfectly plans each and everything. In contrary, Logan is a complete mess. But all the characters are altruistic type which is hard to believe and a bit artificial.

Nora Roberts trademark is her description, which is the strength of her book. The description is so lively and the dialogues of the kids and their little kid fights are realistic. What can I tell about the story? It’s nothing but another over familiar, slow paced love story. The climax comes to the rescue of the story which gave me a little thrill.

The cover of this books shows the Blue Dahlia. It reveals nothing about the story but this attractive bright coloured cover made me to choose this book. I give two and a half stars to this book.


Anonymous said...

I haven't really tried Nora Roberts' books other than the in Death books...this looks attractive, at least. Do you think it is worth taking a chance and picking up?

Ravin Rants said...

I was given a Nora Roberts trilogy a couple of years ago. Her books are pure pleasure. Has anyone read any of her J.D. Robb stuff? If so, is it worth the read?

Selva Kumar R said...

@DarkAngel Ya sure you can try it

Anonymous said...

Sound like an interesting book, but if the characters are one-dimensional then it can ruin things.

'Blue Dahlia' reminds me of an old novel called 'Lace'. You should check it out, it's really good even though I haven't read it I've heard of it. Sort of the same plot (3 women, one bastard child, child growsup and tries to find her mother from the 3 women etc).

Don't know who wrote it though! Sorry!