Monday, July 12, 2010

Full House

Full House ($4.99 edition) (Janet Evanovich's Full Series)First Line : Nicholas Kaharchek surveyed his seven new polo students moving across the sandy practice field.
Billie Pearce leads a perfect and predictable life. But her life becomes unpredicted when she and Nick are attracted to each other. Under certain circumstance they are forced for the marriage. The doubt whether ‘Nick really loves her’ is disturbing Billie and at the same time Nick is facing perils from someone…

I have the habit of choosing a book without reading its blurb. This is how I chose ‘Full House’ by Janet Evanovich. I read her Stephanie Plum novel before few days and so I took this book without second thought.

I started to read this book and I found out that this is not a mystery novel like Plum but it’s a romance novel. The first few pages were interesting and witty but then this turned into kinda erotica. I love romance novels but I hate erotica. I don’t want the novel to be a written pornography.

After reading nearly half the book, the thought whether I should continue with this book crossed my mind. It is exactly at this moment the story just took a turn from its path. Then I was hooked in the story till the last. And the last fifty pages were so thrilling that it filled me with tension.

What can I tell about characters?….All the characters are different, unique and interesting. Billie, the perfect(before meeting Nick); Nick, the playboy; Max, the geek; Sheridan, the possessive; Frankie, the hunk; and Dee Dee, the model. 

I liked this novel but it also had some flaws. Nick was hanging out with Billie just because she was beautiful and hot. But suddenly at the end he was overwhelmed with his love for Billie. The reason for the transformation of his lust into love was not conveyed properly. Billie, the mother of two, a sixth grade teacher, who behaved with great dignity, steps into the shoes of Gloria. This is so stupid to believe.

I had a great confusion in rating this but finally I decided to give three stars to this novel.

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