Monday, December 6, 2010

To Kill A Mocking Bird - An Exaggeration

I decided to write this post before four months. But I dropped the idea because my post will contradict with nearly 70 percent of the people who reads this. At the same time I cannot sugarcoat . If I do so it is an injustice done to my Blog Title. Just today, ‘This is your blog. You can write whatever you think’, the thought clicked in my mind. This thought finally made me to post this.

This book celebrated its 50th anniversary recently. It is a Pulitzer Prize winner. British Librarians ranked this book ahead of the Bible as one “every adult should read this before they die”. Almost all the bloggers had given very good rating for this book.

Everyone praised this book. This made me to read this book. But after reading, the praise for this book seems to be an exaggeration. Everyone had overrated this book. Harper Lee wrote this book 50 years ago. It is not possible for me to know the influence this book made in those years. This book might have been the first of its type to deal with American racism. This book have lots and lots of moral values. So its moral content might had earned a very good review for this book. But the story was not presented in an interesting way.

The real success of a writer lies in his/her ability to eliminate the events. Yes, when we decide to write about something, the first confusion we will have is what are all the events we should include. Lee had included all the events happened in her life. Some of them are not necessary for this theme. She had failed in this area. ‘The God of small things’ is also a book with this theme and Arundathi Roy had proved her skill in crafting that novel.

Most of the people rate the books by its moral values and not by how it is said. I accept this as a good book but not a great book

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