Monday, December 20, 2010

India will be back with a bang

India started its final frontier with an innings defeat. Some stupid Indian medias started to question about our team’s ability once again. Our media’s reaction is not an unexpected one and I will be surprised only if they speak some good stuffs about us.

 SA skipper and even Paul Harris mock India by giving comments like ‘We expected a better fight from India’. Don’t worry guys the second test will not be the same. At the same time don’t forget that this is not completely your victory but the toss and more importantly the weather played the major roles.

SA would have suffered the same loss if they had played in India. And then I didn’t understand why the media never criticizes Australia or SA or NZ if they laid bouncy fast tracks but they strongly criticize the sub continent teams if they prepare a spinning track by calling it as a negative tactics.

I still believe in our players’ ability whether it is a fast, spinning or seaming track. I’m sure that our players will win the next match in Durban. I just want to tell one thing to SA ‘Hey SA please come out of your ecstasy.You are still No 2 and try to compete with with us.’

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