Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why only old should always be gold?

We are in 21st century. The world has changed a lot in these years and we are so generous and open-minded to accept all changes. Initially people communicated with others through letters but when telephone was invented, everybody started to use it. People switched from Altavista to Google, from Orkut to Facebook and from conventional computer to laptop. People welcomed all the changes with great enthusiasm. But there is a thing which didn’t change in these years. Its nothing but our mindset.

Sachin is a great player. But even after watching his game they still tell he is nowhere near Don Bradman. Kamal Hasan is a good actor. But everyone consider Sivaji as the best actor. Shreya Ghoshal’s voice is mesmerizing but still everyone gives Asha Bhonsle a little higher position.

Even if Sachin scored another 30000 runs, he will still be given the second position. It is good to respect the seniors. But please give the youngsters, the credits, which they deserve. I accept that old is gold. But if you say that old alone is gold then it is unacceptable.

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Aravindan said...

I think the problem is we tend to quantify everything. We assume there is always one thing, among two, better than the other by nature. We desperately find ways to weigh two things in a balance (old and new, in this case you are referring to), which may work in some contexts but definitely not to most tricky life questions.
There is really no right answer to "who is better? Sachin or Bradman?", no matter from where the answer is coming from, be it experts or even from Sachin himself. Since we cannot provide an objective defense,mostly, for favoring one side over the other (for reasons mentioned above), they resort to subjective defense, which by definition is skewed towards personal experience. Hence, people who grew up watching Bradman or Shivaji, will always consider them to be the best over Sachin or Kamal.