Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Avenger : Time Raiders

First Line : The dead woman sighed.
The Avenger:Time Raiders by P.C.Cast is a novel based on time travel. Alex is a women with a special gift of speaking to dead people. Professor Carswell want to use Alex for a time travel mission. The mission is simple, Alex should go back to Boudica’s period(60 AD), get the medallion in Boudica’s torque and bring it to Carswell. This medallion is necessary to save the future generation.

Alex goes back to the past as per plan but she falls in love with Caradoc whom she used to see in her dreams in normal life. She wants to live with Caradoc but at the same time she don’t want to betray the people of her time.

This is the first novel which I read about time travel. P.C.Cast made it quite interesting. This novel had thrill, fantasy, romance and action. The novel had so many twist and turns. Till the end I didn’t have a clue of how Alex will accomplish the mission and what will happen to her love life?. Especially the plot which Alex uses to escape from Suetonis is very good. This is the very good sign for this kind of novels. I liked this novel a lot.

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