Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hostel's bane is about to come

I feel happy and proud to be in my class. When I talk to my school friends, juniors or seniors I proudly tell about the unity of our class. I never forget to mention the fact that in our class we didn’t conduct election for any post. But my pride was checked by a sport event. Yes, it’s nothing but IPL.

In 2008 BCCI announced the inauguration of IPL. The whole country roared with joy and I too was not an exception. I was waiting for IPL to begin and it finally started few days before our fourth semester. I thought that it would be joyful to watch, our stars shining with their bat, along with my friends. But my assumptions were wrong.

It is natural for groups to cheer for different teams. Initially the difference of opinion was insignificant. But when the tournament moved into its top gear, the problems also grew in size. At a point our class broke into two groups, each ready to fight against the other. Only at this point I felt really bad for watching IPL. IPL ended happily for Modi and for players who earned crores but it left shameful and bitter memories in my mind.

This year our fate made us to face the storm again. I don’t know whether Sachin’s team or Dhoni’s team will win, but I don’t want to lose the good memories of my college life because of IPL. So I have decided not to watch IPL. The four years of happiness will become meaningless if we end college life with a fight, that too for worthless IPL. So I pray to God for everything to be well.

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RaGhUnAtH BaBu T j said...

exactly da..!!! i too wish the same..!!

P.S : Mumbai Indians Rock..!! :P