Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Choreo night

On seeing the title if you think this post is about Choreo nite, then you are wrong. This is about how I spent my time in hostel while my friends were enjoying the program in OAT.

Lets come straight to the point. Oh sorry, I don't know where to start. I think it is wise to start with this...... I was sleeping in Ayya's room and someone said "Get up Selva let us have our dinner and go to OAT". I hate being disturbed while sleeping but I hate it more to go to mess alone. It is Muthu and he has returned from Pondicherry ( The day before, some of my friends went to Pondy. It had nothing to do with this post) I don't know when and I didn't want to ask him as I'm not interested.

The only event which I enjoy in every Techofes is Choreo nite but this time I said no to my friends. I came to hostel and sat in the TV hall. Some were watching the movie "Janaa". If someone asks me "which is the worst movie you have seen?",I would tell "Janaa" without giving a second thought. I couldn't sit for more than 15 minutes. I got up from my seat and went to Ayya's room. Two of my friends were watching "Matrix". I wonder how they can see the same movie so many times.

I was not sure what to do and so I started to walk to and fro in the corridor. I had the feeling of missing something. I thought I should have gone to OAT and that this is last Techofes and I missed it without any reason. The pictures of my friends coming to me and telling that 'the program was excellent and you missed it' came before me. I don't know how to kill the time and slowly I heard some foot steps. It were my friends and I can see the disappointment in their face. They said the program was a bore and they couldn't watch it. On hearing this I felt a great relief that I have made the correct decision. I think now I should change what I have written in the second line of this post:)

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