Friday, December 11, 2009

Grave of the fireflies

Yesterday I watched a Japanese animation movie “Grave of the Fireflies”. This is about Seita and his younger sister Setsuko, orphaned by World War II. This film begins by showing a boy in torn dress. He dies after uttering the last word ‘Setsuko’. A janitor takes a candy tin from Seita and throws it away. It has some ashes and bones. From this comes the spirit of Setsuko and fireflies. The spirit of Seita narrates this story.
Seita and Setsuko’s mother dies due to firebombing during World War II. Their dad is serving in navy. This makes them to stay in their aunt’s house. Their aunt gets some of their mom’s things to sell them for rice. But the boy hides a candy tin for her sister. This aunt is also not an exception. She ill treats and forces them to leave the house.
Rest of the film shows the struggles of these orphaned children. I shed some tears on watching this movie. This shows that the tragedy doesn’t end when the bombing stops. I have seen some war movies but this one made me to realize 'how dangerous war is!!!'. I highly recommend you to watch this movie.
Movie : Grave of the fireflies
Music : Michio Mamiya
Direction : Isao TakaHata
Producer : Toru Hara
Novel by : Akiyuki Nosaka
Duration : 90 minutes


Anonymous said...

s gud movie

Crown of Laures said...

This movie was so good :D loved it. Glad someone wrote a good review on it